Stable Funding
Our highly liquid funding program allows you to acquire from $1-20 million in long-term, stable funding with the unique ability to push it back when no longer needed.

Free of term commitments and penalties and without start-up, maintenance and annual fees.

We can get you funding within 48 Hours!
Money Market Account Xtra provides expanded FDIC insurance coverage, another way to protect your customer’s assets and receive additional deposits.

CDC's Deposit Network® offers your bank customers with large deposits the ability to place funds in multiple banks so there is never more than $250,000 of funds in any one bank – the balance is fully insured by the FDIC.

Target Account
Our Fed Funds Sold
Alternative program allows a bank to invest directly into our Deposit Network®.

The bank is able to achieve the safety of an FDIC-insured money market deposit.

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